The Government’s Proposal to Ramp Up Immigration Levels is Misguided

Share Tweet Share Forward For Immediate Release November 10th, 2017 The Government’s Proposal to Ramp Up Immigration Levels is Misguided The Canadian government announced in October that it would significantly increase the intake of immigrants to Canada for each of the next three years, with minimum levels of 300,000 each year. Since 1990, Canada has [...]

Following President Trump’s Reinstatement of Gag Rule, Here’s Why and How to Support Reproductive Rights

  February 10th, 2017. Population Institute Canada was pleased and encouraged by Ottawa’s announced intention to increase funding for sexual and reproductive health rights globally in response to the reinstatement by President Trump of the “gag rule” denying aid to organizations that perform or provide advice about abortion. This move will result in a US $600 million overall reduction of support for family planning organizations. The Canadian government may now support [...]

Significant Ottawa Backing for Third World Family Planning

Population Institute Canada (PIC) is the voice of Canadians concerned with global overpopulation and its negative human and environmental consequences. Contact: Madeline Weld, PhD President, Population Institute Canada Tel: (613)-833-3668 Email: mail@populationinstitutecanada.ca www.populationinstitutecanada.ca Share Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Significant Ottawa Backing for Third World Family Planning (April 20, 2016, OTTAWA, ON.) International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau's March 7 funding announcement to the [...]

PM Harper, Maternal Health & Unintended Pregnancies

Prime Minister to Note: Unintended Pregnancies, at 51%, are significantly higher in Canada and USA than the global average. Coincidental with the PM’s UN General Assembly speech supporting maternal and child health, a respected reproductive health NGO reports that forty percent of pregnancies worldwide – a significantly higher 51% in Canada and the USA - [...]


“Family planning could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single technology available to the human race”. So says the United Nations. Dollar for dollar, there is no better way to assist the developing world to break the cycles of overpopulation, famine/food shortage, associated conflict and continuing poverty than by [...]

Okotoks, Alberta: Pop Growth vs Water Limits

For a touch of black humour one needs look no further than the infamous Alberta city of Okotoks. Followers of PIC's website may recall that a year ago the City lifted its, admired by many, 30,000 resident population cap -- a decision that had held firm in the face of pressures from developers for the [...]

Special UN Session on Population

The U.N. General Assembly, in a special 20th anniversary session, is to assess implementation of the 1994 Cairo conference plan which had been hoped would slow the global population explosion. Heads of government will be summoned in September 2014 to review what was seen in Cairo as a forward-looking plan, adopted by 180 nations including [...]

Hello Kids, Goodbye Savings

  Women are using contraception to significantly enhance their life goals.  This is the main thrust of a new study by the Guttmacher Institute: "Reasons for using contraception: Perspectives of US women seeking care at specialized family planning clinics."  Focussed on American women, results would likely be similar in Canada.   The study surveyed 2,094 women [...]

Population Policy and the Environment Joint Position Statement

1. The undersigned organisations recognise the following facts: a) Past population growth from one billion in 1800 to 2.5 billion in 1950 to 6.8 billion today, together with rising resource consumption per head, has already: caused climate change, increased pollution, raised sea levels and expanded deserts. b) This growth has been largely ‘funded’ by rapidly [...]

Prince Charles calls for more family planning in the developing world

The Prince of Wales has called for greater population control in the developing world and hailed the success of "family planning services" in some countries. He said more needs to be done because of the "monumental" problems that face the environment as population numbers "rocket" and traditional societies become more consumerist. There needed to be [...]