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The Government’s Proposal to Ramp Up Immigration Levels is Misguided

Share Tweet Share Forward For Immediate Release November 10th, 2017 The Government’s Proposal to Ramp Up Immigration Levels is Misguided The Canadian government announced in October that it would significantly increase the intake of immigrants to Canada for each of the next three years, with minimum levels of 300,000 each year. Since 1990, Canada has [...]

Population Growing, Iqaluit Could Face a Water Crisis Within Five Years

But there's no policy in place to address growth. June 19th, 2017 CBC News, citing a new study by researchers at York University and the University of Waterloo, reported recently that Iqaluit may face a water shortage within five years owing to "shifting seasons, faster warming in the Arctic than anywhere on Earth and a growing population." Nunavut's population is growing [...]

New Brunswick First Province to Offer Abortion Pill for Free

April 10th, 2017 Population Institute Canada applauds the New Brunswick government's announcement that the abortion pill, Mifegymiso, will be made available for free to all women in the province covered by provincial health care. This is an important decision, one that will go a long way toward removing the financial barriers to women's access to abortion in New Brunswick. For women [...]

A Chance to Support Planned Parenthood’s Petition Calling for OHIP Coverage of Mifegymiso

February 21st, 2017. Recent PIC newsletters and releases reported that Mifegymiso (also known as the abortion pill) was approved by Health Canada last year after a lengthy delay, and that the first shipments of it have now arrived in Canada. However, as noted in an article linked to our November 2016 newsletter (Issues 11), a prescription for the drug, which will [...]

Following President Trump’s Reinstatement of Gag Rule, Here’s Why and How to Support Reproductive Rights

  February 10th, 2017. Population Institute Canada was pleased and encouraged by Ottawa’s announced intention to increase funding for sexual and reproductive health rights globally in response to the reinstatement by President Trump of the “gag rule” denying aid to organizations that perform or provide advice about abortion. This move will result in a US $600 million overall reduction of support for family planning organizations. The Canadian government may now support [...]

Papua New Guinea is in Crisis. Population Growth is Part of the Problem.

    January 16th, 2017. Papua New Guinea's booming population, which is largely rural and has more than doubled in the past thirty years, is forcing farmers to resort to unsustainable land use practices to feed its ever-increasing human numbers. Last month, a geographer who has studied food production in the same village for the past 45 years warned that continued population growth could eventually [...]

World Vasectomy Day, November 18th, 2016

  World Vasectomy Day (#WVD), a global initiative now in its fourth year, has become the largest male oriented contraception event in history. It is creating conversations among men about the benefits of family planning, addressing their concerns and helping them to participate in a role that is too often borne solely by women.     This [...]

PIC Endorses Thriller Highlighting Issue of Overpopulation

Oct. 4th, 2016. Population Institute Canada is endorsing a new, “hard-shooting kick of a thriller” which raises awareness about the rapid growth of human population. “Disguising a heart of pure poetry,” the novel Patriarch Run, by Colorado author Benjamin Dancer, has been described as “a literary meditation clutching a straight razor behind its back.” That straight [...]

July 11th, 2016, is World Population Day

Population Institute Canada (PIC) is the voice of Canadians concerned with global overpopulation and its negative human and environmental consequences. A Word about Theme "Investing in teenage girls," the theme for 2016, is especially significant given that so many girls, notably in the developing world, are considered by their communities or parents to be ready for marriage and motherhood at [...]

Contraception: The Critical Need of Our Time

Population Institute Canada (PIC) is the voice of Canadians concerned with global overpopulation and its negative human and environmental consequences. Share Tweet In 2016, the world will witness the largest generation in history entering its reproductive years. With 1.8 billion people between the ages of 10 and 24 on the planet, sexual health experts worldwide are facing considerable challenges in providing [...]