Since rising standards of living are said to lower fertility levels, can’t the problem of overpopulation be addressed by sharing the wealth to eliminate poverty?

Answer: Faced with a huge and growing human population and diminishing resources, it is reasonable to consider whether there could be a more equitable sharing of the earth’s resources. Such redistribution would need broad public [...]

Won’t technological developments allow populations to expand indefinitely?

Answer: Technology allowed humans numbers to grow and to draw unprecedented resources from the earth… in so doing creating equally unprecedented waste and environmental degradation. Our instinct for continual growth and excessive consumption is the [...]

Human population is apparently decreasing, so what’s the problem?

Answer: It is the rate of growth that is decreasing, not overall numbers.  The world’s population is growing at a lower rate, but it's still growing.  In fact, we need to feed, clothe, house, transport, [...]

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