Leilani Munter, Prominent Environmental Activist and Former Professional Race Car Driver, is PIC’s Newest Patron

PIC’s newest patron, Leilani Munter, is a retired professional stock car racer and a prominent advocate for environmental awareness who has chosen not to have children.
Image used with permission. 

PIC is thrilled to announce that Leilani Munter has accepted our invitation to become an Honourary Patron, adding her name to the list of those who support our campaign to achieve a sustainable human population, protect the natural world and improve people’s lives.

Leilani is a biology graduate turned race car driver (now retired) and an environmental activist. She is an advocate for renewable energy, solar power, electric cars, a plant-based diet, and animal rights. She believes it is essential for humans to adapt and evolve our way of living to one that is sustainable and that  does not destroy the world around us.

Last year she spoke out about population growth, calling it “one of the world’s biggest threats.” She has also been open about her and her husband’s decision to remain child-free, and the importance of having these conversations to help normalize a lifestyle and choice that remains socially unpopular.

The UN report released last week about nature’s unprecedented decline underscores the urgent need for action on population growth and humanity’s impact on the planet. PIC is grateful to Leilani and our other patrons for supporting our efforts to slow and reverse population growth through education and universal access to family planning by lending their name to our organization.

For more information about Leilani Munter visit our Honourary Patrons page and scroll down to read her bio.

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