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Annual fees (CAD $40 annually) barely cover overhead costs. Donations therefore provide by far the largest source of funding, and are an essential part of our operational resources. As members, you will receive periodic Newsletters and Releases on overpopulation issues, and updates on our awareness efforts to combat overpopulation and promote a sustainable future. Follow us on on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Membership Secretary,
Population Institute Canada,
P.O. Box 59045 Ottawa,
Ontario K1G 5T7,

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Population Institute Canada

Payment Option 2 – Paypal

Pay your membership fee (CAD $40) by PayPal. But please remember, it is donations that drive our operations. They can be added to your Join/Renew fee below to ensure PIC is optimally effective in pursuit of its population-related, humanitarian and environmental goals. Please choose one option below. (Note: Payment Option 1 [by cheque] is service charge free to PIC, unlike PayPal)..

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Payment Option 3 – INTERAC online (e-transfer)

How to transfer money to PIC using INTERAC

PIC accepts INTERAC online e-transfers. INTERAC allows you to pay membership fees and/or make donations easily, directly from your bank account. It is fast, secure, easy-to-use. You need only to access online banking through a participating financial institution (any bank or co-op). Transactions are conducted through your existing online banking access. There is no need to create any new user names, passwords or accounts. No financial details (i.e. online banking info) are shared with third parties when paying by INTERAC. Payment is completed through your financial institution which settles it using established, secure banking procedures.

To make a payment – any payment – to PIC follow INTERAC online instructions below:

First, go to your on-line banking account.

Next, select INTERAC online e-transfer option. Then answer the prompts below:

  • Recipient = Population Institute Canada;
  • Recipient’s email = [email protected];
  • Notify by = email;
  • Preferred language = English;
  • Security question (to ask PIC) = What does the “P” in PIC stand for?
  • Security answer = Population
  • Re-enter answer = ……….;
  • Reuse security question and answer = yes.
  • Hit “Confirm”

PIC’s answer (case sensitive) must be typed as “Population”.

Some banks may charge a senders fee of about $1.00 for Interac Online service.