8 billion no cause for alarm, says UN

Oh, No! Has the United Nations Population Fund Gone ‘Woke’? It seems numbers don’t matter as long as we keep our “xenophobia and hatred of the other” in check. What’s gotten into the United Nations [...]

Nitrogen Targets Should Give Canadians Food for Thought

Starving Our Way to Sustainability? "Abolishing the periodic table." That is what a friend of mine joked was happening in response to reports coming from the Netherlands this summer. Nitrogen has joined carbon on the [...]

Of Wolves and Woke

International Wolf Symposium Cancels Population Activist My fellow population activist from Minnesota, Karen Shragg, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting personally on several occasions, was slated to give a presentation at the International Wolf Symposium (IWS) in [...]

Blatantly Oblivious to the Blindingly Obvious

Canada’s Housing Crisis: Who’s Running the Show – and for Whom? The most basic, fundamental concept in economics is “supply and demand.” Even someone who has never cracked open a textbook on economics is likely [...]

We Can’t Say They Didn’t Warn Us

The Ghost of Malthus Haunts the Twenty-First Century Malthus and Borlaug saw it coming The much maligned Thomas Robert Malthus, in his Essay on the Principle of Population, said, “The power of population is indefinitely greater than [...]

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