The World’s Trees Are in Danger

More than half of all tree species could face extinction Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash Dear PIC Follower, An extensive new evaluation of the conservation status of all trees shows that 30-60% of species are at risk of extinction, [...]

Canada’s Federal Election and World Contraception Day: Opportunities for Action!

Canada's Federal Election and World Contraception Day: Opportunities for Action! Dear PIC Follower, By the time this post goes out, it will be very close to September 20th, the day Canadians head to the polls to elect the members of Canada's 44th [...]

This World Population Day Let’s Imagine A World With More Humanity and Fewer Humans

 World Population Day, 2021 Nearly 7.9 billion and counting Image credit: Dear PIC Follower, Each year the United Nations marks World Population Day on July 11th, and over the span of the year - from one World [...]

Things won’t get better until we get wiser

 Feeling the Heat of Population Growth Image credit: Pulitzer-prize winning editorial cartoonist Joel Pett   In the month since our last release approximately 40 million people in the western United States have been put on [...]

Overshoot: Humanity’s Predicament

 A Climate Realist's Take on Overshoot PIC patron Dr. Bill Rees discusses ecological overshoot and points out some hard facts in his latest interview on EarthX TV, among them: climate change is but a symptom of [...]

The Evidence is Before Our Eyes

Google Earth Update Shows Our Burden on Mother Earth With Google Earth's new time lapse feature, we have a clearer picture of the changing planet at our fingertips. Much of that change is human-driven. There are less than [...]

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