Will the State, Once Again, take an Interest in the Bedrooms of the Nation?

“There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation,” Pierre Elliott Trudeau famously said in 1967 while discussing his omnibus bill with reporters, which included changes to the criminal code regarding homosexuality. But, in [...]

YIMBY: An Alchemy to Turn Lead into Gold

NIMBY: selfish parochialism or rational self-interest? The term “NIMBY” (Not In My Back Yard) refers to the opposition by local residents to any new infrastructure project, such as a housing development, group home, or incinerator [...]

Kohei Saito’s Degrowth Manifesto: A nonviable solution to a misidentified problem

An obscure Japanese philosophy professor produces a surprise best seller, urging the world to slow down and shrink consumption via economic “degrowth.” Population Institute Canada’s president provides a critical overview. by Madeline Weld Until his [...]

Recent Polls Show that Canadians Are Getting Exactly What They Don’t Want

Canadians are frequently told that continuous growth is just what their country needs. But when surveyed, they have never expressed a craving for it. They want safe communities, access to nature, equality and the rule [...]

Sultan shocks climate community with reality-based question

Did the emperor just point out that the science has no clothes? One week before the start of COP28, the latest UN climate conference that ran from November 28 to December 12, Sultan Ahmed Al [...]

The Union of Concerned Scientists Has Been Captured by the Left

A factual assessment In 1992 — coincidentally the same year that Population Institute Canada was founded — the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), a nonprofit science advocacy organization, issued a superbly written and succinct pamphlet with the title, “World Scientists’ Warning [...]

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