Shooting Ourselves in the Foot: The Pro-Growth Agenda Continues in Canada

The pandemic has not cured Canada's addiction to growth Along with economic devastation and the concomitant social consequences on physical and mental health, the COVID-19 pandemic has starkly shown the downside of urban densification. Dense [...]

Raising Awareness About Overpopulation Isn’t Letting Anyone Off the Hook

PIC Responds to George Monbiot's Article, "Population Panic Lets Rich People Off the Hook for the Climate Crisis They're Fuelling"  The Guardian columnist George Monbiot's above-named article of August 26th recently came to our attention. In that article, Monbiot [...]

PIC Signatory Letter to Ministers Attending UN Summit on Biodiversity 2020

The letter below is PIC President Madeline Weld's submission to Population Matters' campaign to call on government leaders to discuss population at the UN Summit on Biodiversity on September 30th. We urge everyone to support [...]

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