Canada’s Immigration Policy: Circular Reasoning, Bafflegab, and BS

Crisis? What crisis? Following the cabinet shuffle in July, Canada’s freshly minted immigration minister, Marc Miller, has repeatedly reiterated that his government is not considering reducing immigration levels despite Canada’s housing crisis. The competition for housing is so [...]

Canada’s Incompatible Environment and Immigration Policies

The Good Ship Canada at 40 Million: Where Are We Headed? Unsplash in collaboration with Getty Images Canada Achieves a Milestone: Its Annual Growth Rate Now Exceeds Africa’s Congratulations, Canada! On June 16, right on time [...]

The Cold Reality of Net Zero

A chilly reception It’s late April 2023 and I’m shivering slightly as I sit in my sister’s house in northwestern Germany, while she laments the very rainy and unseasonably cold spring. My reception on this [...]

Why Overpopulation Should Be a Women’s Issue

By Karen Shragg and Madeline Weld An observation to ponder We are two long-time population activists driven by an understanding that growing human numbers are detrimental not only to humanity itself but to all life on [...]

The Madness of Crowding

It's the Stress, Stupid! Growing ourselves to destruction? An alien visitor to Earth could be forgiven for thinking that the ultimate purpose of its dominant species was to keep growing until it had consumed the [...]

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