“Family planning could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single technology available to the human race”. So says the United Nations.

Dollar for dollar, there is no better way to assist the developing world to break the cycles of overpopulation, famine/food shortage, associated conflict and continuing poverty than by providing family planning. Wherever seriously pursued, it has been extraordinarily successful in alleviating poverty, improving education, fostering gender equity, etc.

An estimated 222 million Third World women need and want to use contraception but do not have reliable, affordable access to it.

Consequence: Approx. 62 million unintended pregnancies every year; almost 20 million women & girls in developing countries having unsafe abortions from which 68,000 die.
Overall, almost 300,000 women die of pregnancy-related causes (including illegal abortion); another 10 million suffer from a temporary or permanent disability (including fistula). Meanwhile, human numbers are increasing by 1.2 million every 5 days…. more than the population of Ottawa.

Without family planning, mankind faces a “perfect storm” of seemingly insuperable obstacles and grim prospects.

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The Right Honourable Stephen Harper &
John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development

I want Canada to become more actively involved internationally in the promotion of non-coercive family planning which I believe should be a significant, integral part of our international development assistance programs.


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