Sustainable Population Australia (PIC’s vis a vis) has just appointed Bindi Irwin, 15, daughter of the late ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin to be SPA’s inaugural Youth Ambassador – to campaign, particularly to the young, against overpopulation. In her video, the teen speaks with force and conviction on the subject, as when challenging the US State Department when, in 2013, it wanted to edit her essay including the assertion:

I believe that most problems in the world today, such as climate change, stem from one immense problem… the ‘elephant in the room’ that no-one wants to talk about. That problem is our ever expanding population.

Since then, Bindi has co-created a range of books called Bindi Wildlife Adventures. In 2013 she starred in her first cinema release: Return to Nim’s Island, remaining passionate on the subject of population growth and its negative impact on the environment and biodiversity.

Prior to Bindi’s appointment, PIC explored with SPA the idea of her becoming a joint Australia-Canada Patron. Who better to highlight the population challenges both countries – and the planet – face in fighting relentless population increase than this young, feisty Australian. It’s an option that may be revisited following her stint and resulting experience as Youth Ambassador (Population), an excellent initiative in which PICers wishes her every success.